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Allied Products is a Kolhapur based foundry unit, offering dependable Cast Iron and S.G. Iron Castings manufacturing in Shell Moulding Process.

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  • At Allied Products, we produce high-quality, complex SG iron and Cast-iron components with utmost precision using the latest technologies and systems.
  • With over 23 years of experience, we have catered to 300+ customers globally.
  • We have fully integrated casting and machining operations located in Kolhapur, India.
  • We specialize in shell Moulding casting and machining activities.
  • Experienced team and lean setup allow us to maintain effective control over the entire manufacturing process.
  • We have 14 years of export experience to countries like Japan, Germany, and Italy.
Why Prefer Shell Mould Castings?

Due to small, compact set up and effective controls at every process, there is superior material quality of each casting. Due to small batches, metal pouring time is very less and we can assure every casting with desired microstructure and better physical properties. This makes our set up is most preferred source for small castings. It is needless to say we get excellent dimensional accuracy due to shell moulding. We can proudly say that we have replaced a few investment castings & Forgings as cost effective solution.

Since our inception, we’ve been focusing on manufacturing of Ductile Iron and Cast Iron castings using shell moulding. Over the years, not only have we mastered the process of shell mould casting, we have also gained expertise over time and material management. It is the combined expertise of our equipment, skilled workforce, and latest technology systems that we can now manufacture castings in less time, with less wastage/discards, and in small batch quantities without losing on quality and finishing.

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    Better Castings with Superior Machining Qualities

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    Less Weight, Less Cost

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    Smoother Finish

Better Castings with Superior Machining Qualities

Unlike green sand, permanent mold and die casting which have hard skin and soft interior, the shell mold castings have a soft skin with hard or dense interiors. This provides a better cross section area to strength ratio to the casting with superior machining qualities.

Castings done via shell molding have closer tolerance than sand castings. The process also reduces daft allowances, adding to the efficiency and strength of the final products.

Less Weight, Less Cost

The efficiency and merit of the process can be understood with the fact that it requires less machining stock compared to other methods. A standard shell molding job requires 1.0 mm to 1.5 mm stock, which is considerably lower than other alternatives.

This reduced stock weight means that the castings weigh less without compromising on quality. Additional merit is that the process also improves machine time, reducing machining cost. Lesser weight also means less cost of stock, further increasing your profitability.

Smoother Finish

One of the reasons why shell mould castings are quicker to produce is that these require fewer finishing operations. Shell molding gives a smoother and improved surface compared to sand castings. The precision of shell molding means a reduced need of machining or grinding operations. For some castings, the grinding and machining jobs are eliminated completely.

Insulating properties of molds eliminate chill from the surface of the castings, which gives it a more uniform grain structure.

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